Articles received by and published by Leslie H. Spaiser and deemed critical reading in these difficult times.


These articles are not based on my political orientation (indeed the authors have various posititons that are often contrary to my personal views). They are posted because I consider them well written; valuable sources of thoughtful and good information.

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1. Bombing Afghanistan Back to The Stone Age - By Tamim Ansary - Afghan intellectual and writer - 18 September, 2001

Spells out the reality of massive bombing and the potential horrifying consequences. World wars have started in just this way. Millions of innocent people face death from disease and starvation.

2. A Clear and Present Danger - Dr. Tony Kern, Lt Col, USAF (Ret)
      (or What you Should Know About our Present Military Situation) - 14 September, 2001

A poignant and direct analysis of the current military situation. In particular an excellent analysis of our "enemy" and what / who we are really dealing with.

3. About Bio Agents - SFC Red Thomas (Ret) Armor Master Gunner Mesa, AZ - 14 September, 2001

Words of wisdom on the subject by a qualified authority - discusses the author's position on the efficacy and purpose of using bio weapons in light of the current Anthrax attacks and potential other attacks of this sort on the US. Goes on to explain both the limited "real" danger versus the actual dangers posed by all common biological and chemical weapons. Points out the real purpose of these attacks.

4. Repression Fuels Seething Resentment in Middle East - By T. Christian Miller : LOS ANGELES TIMES - 09 October, 2001

The author points out that our "New Coalition" includes many Arab states which are extremely repressive and that this collaboration could easily create a serious backlash. QUOTE "Now, at the start of a new war on terrorism, some analysts fear that the U.S. may be on the verge of repeating past mistakes, supporting authoritarian governments whose people may one day rebel and set fire to the Middle East."

5. All Kinds of Terrorists - By Uri Avnery : Israeli Citizen and Peace Advocate - 03 November, 2001

Mr. Avnery discusses his understanding of the words "terrorist" and "terrorism," and what they have stood for in a historical context. This is a well thought out discussion that might not be appealing to all people but that I feel is extremely relavent. If anyone should understand what a terrorist is it is Mr. Avenery who fought for Isreal's independence and was himself a member of Irugn.

6. The Hidden Jihad - By the producers of a series by this name on BRITISH TV - 08 March, 2002

The first programme in Channel 4’s Muslim and British Season, The Hidden Jihad, examines the reality of living across Britain’s parallel cultures. Writer and DJ Imran Khan returns to his roots to find out why the friends with whom he spent a carefree adolescence clubbing, drinking and learning about women, have abandoned a western decadence in favour of a separatist and radical form of Islam.


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