... an experiment by Les Spaiser

This is an experiment using Java technology. Your web browser must be Java enabled to see the picture on the right. If you can see the picture - and there is a lake with moving ripples in the water, then your browser is Java enabed.

However what you see is not real and never was. It was created using a photo I shot in Mt. Diablo State Park, and by then applying a Java (Lake) applet. I am actually standing on a dusty trail and there is no lake either in front of me or behind me - or anywhere in the park, for that matter..

Read more about how to create your own images like this one below.


The lake is a digital illusion created by mirroring my photo into a digital graphic which takes the picture and makes it look like a reflection in a lake. (click here to see the original photo, "Green again" - sorry for the poor quality).

You can obtain and apply these remarkable effects and many more from many Java applet websites. You can create images like this one right on your own PC. You don't need a website for them (You can even do this with MS Word 6 or 7).

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