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    This information is for your own research - either to augment the Chayt-Chait family tree or any other genealogical research you care to do.


  The most significant listing which you may have access to is the Mormon Genealogical Database, which used to require that you go to a Mormon library to access. It is the largest single genealogical database in the word "including 600 million names, and touching on 2 billion people."

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(A $ in this column indicates a fee for access or membership)

    The Mormon Genealogical Database   Worlds largest Genealogical Database - may still be "beta" i.e. under construction
    Jewish Heritage Site   A good place to start researching the Chayt/Chait families.
    Jewish Heritage Site  


    U.S. Genweb Project   Volunteers nationwide provide links to state and county resources.
    Switchboard   The Internet's oldest genealogy site lets you see who is looking for the same surnames that you are.
    Broderbund       How-to lists, megalinks, and news for genealogy buffs. (Publisher of Family Tree Maker- the software we use)
    National Genealogical Society   $
    Federation of Genealogical Societies   $   $ Lists aplenty, including a super search engine that searches 274 Million Names in 1730 Databases ! Enter "Chayt" for some very interesting results.
    The Mormon's Resource List   More concise than Cyndi's List - Try this first
    Cyndi's List   Links to more than 41,200 sites - unbelievably detailed
    FTM's Family Finder   An excellent search page including THE SSA DEATH INDEX (free - see article below). - Enter "Chayt" for some surprising results.
    The SSA Death Index   Social Security Death Index Interactive Search (added 4/20/2000)

* Social Security Death Records (FYI) - The official Record:

Q: Is Social Security's Death Index available online?
A: The "Social Security Death Index" to which you refer is not a record of the Social Security Administration. We believe that this "index" was created by a recipient of the Death Master File.
Q: Does SSA make its Death Master File available online for the purposes of genealogical research?
A: No. SSA maintains a record of approximately 60 million deaths reported to us called the Death Master file in a tape format which is not searchable by the public. It is available to the public for sale through the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Technical Information Service and consists of magnetic reels of tape. The price ranges from $1,725 for a onetime order of the entire DMF, 1937 to present, to $6,900 for the entire file with quarterly updates. NTIS can be reached at 1-800-363-2068 or 703 605-6060.

NTIS does sell the tape to certain genealogical services which have indexed the database on CD-ROM disk. Contact companies that sell genealogical software for more information.