Links to other performers:

* just a few of my favorites

Riot Folk "Making folk a threat again" -- Ryan Harvey, Ethan Miller, Evan Greer and a bunch of other really good youthful songwriters, check 'em out.
* Jim Page In my humble opinion, the greatest songwriter in the English language.
Christy Moore As Jim Page says, "probably the best ballad singer on the planet." I agree.
* Robb Johnson Amazing songwriter from Britain. See some interesting pictures from our 2005 US tour.
Attila the Stockbroker Excellent English commie punk poet and a great guy.
Tracey Curtis Great songwriter who lives in Wales, also on Irregular Records along with Robb.
Billy Bragg Great labor-oriented songwriter from England.
Alistair Hulett Great songwriter and interpreter of trad Scottish music from Glasgow.
Silvio Rodriguez Amazing songwriter from Cuba, one of the fathers of the new song movement.
Duo Negro y Blanco Like Silvio with harmony. An incredible duo from Bolivia I heard at the Cuba-Venezuela Solidarity tent at the World Social Forum in 2005.
Mat Callahan Great musician based in Switzerland and author of the fabulous book, The Trouble With Music, on AK Press.
Michael Franti Amazing hip hop (and beyond) artist from California.
Thought Breakers Really impressive political hiphoppers from New Jersey, brought to you by Ever Reviled Records.
Dope Poet Society Another fabulous hip hop group from Toronto.
The Nauts Yet another, from the New York area.
Iron Sheik Really good Palestinian hip hop artist from Dearborn, Michigan.
Anais Mitchell Fabulous songwriter from Vermont.
David Ferrard Very good up-and-coming songwriter from Edinburgh, Scotland.
Citizens Band Fab, fun political band from Olympia, Washington.
Clan Dyken Wonderful political hippie jam band from northern California.
Defiance, Ohio Great punk-folk kind of band from Indiana.
Against Me Another band like that from Florida.
Michelle Shocked Rock star.
The Hartbeat Ensemble Great radical theater group based in Hartford, Connecticut.
Seize The Day A great, political, inspirational band from Britain.
Chumbawamba Another fantastic rebel band from Britain.
The Savage Rose Amazing rock/cabaret band/duo from Denmark.
Armand The original Dutch hippie singer-songwriter.
The Prince Myshkins The Washington Squares with radical politics. Brilliant duo from San Diego.
The Therapy Sisters Austin, Texas' answer to the Prince Myshkins.
Magpie Wonderful duo from Maryland.
Anne Feeney Fabulous labor-oriented songwriter from Pittsburgh.
Chris Chandler Mad and brilliant poet from Georgia (who often performs with Anne Feeney).
Si Kahn Another one.
Dave Lippman The original singing CIA agent.
Robert Hoyt Kick-ass eco-oriented songwriter from Indiana, and a tour rat mentor.
Casey Neill Another one of them. Plays with a great trio.
Dana Lyons Yet another.
Darryl Cherney Yet another. Extremely funny, and with the perspective of an organizer.
Peg Millett Eco-warrior, pagan priestess, singer and all-around wonderful woman.
Rich Caloggero Great instrumentalist who plays guitar on several of my CDs. Here you'll find some of his instrumental pieces.
Royer's Guitar Machine Band Eric Royer is the amazing banjo player who you hear on a couple of my CDs. He plays with various other musicians, and also does an incredible one-man band phenomenon which must be seen and heard (he also has great CDs).
The Resophonics This is Sean Staples' band, which Eric Royer is also in. Sean's going to be the producer of my next CD, and he's a great songwriter and musician.
TV Smith Really great punk songwriter, former lead singer of the Adverts.
Chris TT Really good rocking acoustic/electric songwriter from England.
Jan Hammarlund If Pete Seeger was a Swede from the Castro, this would be him.
Charlie King Excellent rabble-rousing songwriter from New England.
Pat Humphries She writes songs that seem to have been written by some great anonymous civil rights marcher decades ago, yet they're current.
Barry Crimmins Excellent leftist comedian from western New York. Sends out fantastic, regular emails, "Crim Quips." Get on his list!
Rene Hicks Another excellent progressive comedian, from California.
Will Durst Another excellent comedian.
Sherry Glaser Yet another fantastic comedian from California via New York.
Stephan Smith Really good political rocker/hip hopper from New York City.
Doc Jazz Doc Jazz is an excellent songwriter and jazz musician. A Palestinian living in the Netherlands, he writes songs in English and in Dutch, many focusing on the Palestinian cause.
Ani DiFranco She may be famous, but she still kicks ass.
The Flying Folk Army Raucous seven-piece political band from Vancouver, BC.
Rich Makin He writes letters to corporations, gets their responses, and performs it all live. Hilarious stuff.
Laura Leite My stepsister, Laura, is an enchanting, very talented jazz singer. She writes her own songs and sings those of composers from the US, Brazil and elsewhere in several languages.
Paris Check out "What Would You Do?" from Sonic Jihad.
Bill Oliver Excellent eco-troubator from Texas, with songs for kids, too.
Amy Martin Singer-songwriter from Missoula. Check out her song, "It's About Oil."
Reverend Billy Preaching the gospel of reality.
Pol MacAdaim Really good folksinger and songwriter from Ireland, reminiscent of Christy Moore.
Steve Earle Nashville's radical and one of my favorite songwriters>
Bruce Springsteen Another of my favorite songwriters, from New Jersey.
Peter Siegel Excellent musician from western Massachusetts, who also has a kids' program.
Richie Stearns Clawhammer banjo player from Ithaca, New York. Listen to "Baghdad's Children."

Various other stuff:

Bonnie Rovics My sister is a kick-ass Shiatsu massage pro, and she lives in Boston.
New American Opportunity Campaign One of the groups behind these massive immigrant/worker's rights rallies.
Support Rod Coronado Defend freedom of speech and save our dying planet too.
South Central Farmers Defend the community gardeners of LA!
More Gardens Defend the community gardeners of NYC!
War Crimes Watch Keep up to date on the latest American atrocities.
black autonomy network community organization Stop racist outrages against the Black community in Michigan.
St. Bernard Parish Fantastic video about Louisiana after Katrina.
Free Jeff Luers Free Jeff and all other Earth Liberation Prisoners.
Free Danieal McGowan As above.
No More Deaths Tear down the wall on the US-Mexico border.
Palestine Online Store Great way to support the Palestinian economy and cause.
Zatoun -- Fair Trade olive oil from Palestine Get some for your salads today!
Common Ground Collective Hopefully, the future of New Orleans.
Wal-Mart Movie The high cost of low price. Great film.
Matt Fitt Photographer. Great bunch of activist photos and also photos of me and other musicians.
Guy Smallman More great photos.
Marc Simont Wonderful political cartoonist, writer and illustrator from northwestern Connecticut (via Spain).
Mountain Justice Summer Not just this summer... Stop Mountaintop Removal Mining!
Anti-War Songs database.
GI Rights Get OUT of the military!
Liberty Tree Foundation for the Democratic Revolution Democracy, anyone?
Haiti Action For democracy in Haiti and against the most recent US-sponsored coup.
Mountain Justice Summer Stop the wholesale destruction of Appalachia.
Americans Who Tell The Truth A collection of portraits by Robert Shetterly.
Biotic Baking Brigade Speak pie to power!
Military Project Read GI Special and find out what's really going on in Iraq.
American Friends Service Committee Great peace group with counter-recruitment information.
CCCO Central Committee for Conscentious Objectors (more counter-recruitment info)
Puppetista Bring on the puppets!
Christiania Very impressive intentional community in Copenhagen, under threat (follow British flag for English section).
Undomshuset Wonderful anarchist punk place in Copenhagen, also under threat.
A Revolutionary Act Socialist blog from the UK.
Vote Cobb Green Party candidate for president, 2004!
Dennis Kucinich One of the small handful of decent people in the US Congress. (See also Cynthia McKinney and Barbara Lee.)
Venezuela Analysis Viva Chavez!
Norman Solomon Author and media critic extraordinaire.
Peter Werbe One of my all-time favorite anarchists and radio personalities.
Black Panther Film Festival All power to the people! Here's where you can get my favorite t-shirt -- a pic of GW Bush framed with the words, "international terrorist"
Tribal Soverigntees Maker of another of my favorite t-shirts, a picture of Geronimo and others (I think) with the caption, "HOMELAND SECURITY -- fighting terrorism since 1492."
Magnetic Peace Get your magnetic bumper stickers here.
UberCulture Collective They organized a kick-ass tour of the Maritimes for me.
Planet Friendly Peace, bicycles, Tooker Gomberg, and other interests.
Global Justice Ecology Project Save the planet and the people, too! And check out Orin Langelle's amazing photography.
Geoff Bugbee Radical photographer.
Palestine Children's Welfare Fund Great folks, and they sell some of my CDs.
Proletarian Threads And them.
Rachel Corrie RIP.
The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) Free Palestine.
SUSTAIN Stop US Tax-Funded Aid to Israel Now
Jews Against the Occupation Free Palestine!
Resistance Art Support Palestinian artists and buy a calendar.
Citizens for Fair Legislation More ways to support Palestine.
Freeway Blogger Decorating the highways sign by sign.
September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows Families of those killed on Sept. 11, 2001, opposed to US war-mongering.
Ever Reviled Records Indy label which will be releasing my next CD.
South End Press Publishers of loads of great progressive literature, including the must-read Globalization From Below by Jeremy Brecher et al.
AK Press and Distribution Publishers and distributors of lots more great stuff (including my CDs and songbook!).
Daemon Records Label for my "best of" CD, and also for Amy Ray and lots of other great artists.
Rebel Graphics Great graphic artist and poet.
Voices in the Wilderness End the UN/US-sponsored genocide in Iraq.
Iraq Peace Team Go to Iraq.
United For Peace and Justice Stop the war.
Who is ANSWER? Some answers.
Joe Public Films Documentary films on the aforementioned subject (some featuring my music).
Big Noise Films Makers of Fourth World War and other great films.
Whispered Media Productions Makers of The Pie's The Limit and other great films.
Chavez the Film Viva Chavez! Fantastic film made by some Irish media activists.
RV Media Projects Videos from conferences, concerts and all kinds of cool stuff.
Iraq Journal Jeremy Scahill's eloquent, incredibly informative website straight from Baghdad, the closest thing to an Iraq IMC.
Military Families Speak Out (against war with Iraq)
Iraq Body Count Tommy Franks may not count his victims, but we do.
Traveling Soldier Hear from the US soldiers against the war(s).
Iraq Veterans Against the War This is their organization.
One Percent A Peace Army Peace and love!
Coke is the drink of the death squads...
Snowshoe Films They do really creative music videos with my songs and others, really worth checking out.
Turning Tide Productions Robbie Leppzer's operation, a great and prolific maker of documentary films on a wide variety of subjects.
New Spark Productions Fabulous radicals and film-makers from Olympia, Washington.
Friends of Camilo My friend Camilo Viveros is facing outrageous charges, and he does not belong in prison! Defend him!
The Beehive Collective Folks from Maine who do amazing artwork, posters and other stuff, and they travel around and talk, too.
National Conference on Organized Resistance Good conference that happens every January in DC.
Folk Alliance They put out a database which you can subscribe to, with very useful stuff for touring musicians of the "folk" variety.
Addicted to War Absolutely fantastic comic-style illustrated book, a must-read for every US citizen, adults and children. Very educational, full of information, and absolutely relevant.
Michael Moore Brilliant documentarian, comedian, etc.
Roadkill Bill Another great comic about a frequently-run-over rodent's view of cars and the rest of modern US society.
Starhawk Pagan, international activist for sanity, great writer. This is a great source for information on the wars the US is currently prosecuting, and lots of other stuff.
The War Resisters League US out of __________ (fill in the blank). Find the protest happening near you.
Vieques Libre US out of Vieques!
The Rinky Dink Amazing biycle- and solar-powered sound system, radio station, and traveling road show from England.
The Groovy Movie Picture House The world's first mobile solar-powered cinema.
Grease Car Convert your diesel engine to run on used vegetable oil!
Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting More on what the corporate media isn't telling you, or how they're warping the truth.
Rising Tide A fine network of radicals from Europe.
Project Censored They compile a list of what they consider to be the top most censored stories of each year. Great and chilling stuff.
Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space The name of the organization pretty much sums it up. It's real and it's scary.
The Shundahai Network No nuclear testing or any of that stuff!
The Catholic Worker Movement These are some damn fine Catholics.
Mama Terra The Romanian representative of the aforementioned organization, a wonderful guy named Aurel Duta, also is involved with an organic farm near Bucharest that helps local children and does all kinds of other great work locally and globally. By western standards, small financial contributions can go a long way, and I encourage you to visit their website and help out.
The Ruckus Society Activist training 101.
PMN Website of the Poples' Music Network for Songs of Freedom and Struggle.
NarcoNews Great information on the drug war, in all it's international complexity and horror.
Organizers' Collaborative They have a great links page and other information for activists.
Web of Life Audio These are some wonderful folks in West Virginia who are working on starting up a radio station in a major urban area under the guise of the Earth Day Every Day Radio Project. Become a supporter!
Rainforest Jukebox Each time you download songs by Midnight Oil and other Australian bands here, a few cents goes towards rainforest preservation.
Twin Oaks Amazing community near Charlottesville, Virginia. Paxus is one of the many wonderful members of the community, and he's written some great stuff on open relationships.
A20 Stop the FTAA!
Resource Center of the Americas Great bookstore, cafe, and activist headquarters in Minneapolis.
Pastors for Peace End the embargo against Cuba. Yankee go home!
Latin America Solidarity They have a great listserv on Latin America.
Free The Cuban Five For trying to prevent terrorism against their country, they are in prison in the US.
Nuclear Information and Resource Service No nuclear reactors!
Stop the Bombs No nuclear weapons, either!
Black Mesa Indigenous Support Support group trying to end the on-going genocide of the Dine' people at Big Mountain.
Lubicon Solidarity Treaty rights for the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation.
Western Shoshone Defense Project The Western Shoshone is the most-bombed nation on Earth.
SOA Watch Shut down the School of the Americas.
The Green Party of the US
FairVote Instant Run-off Voting explained.
IPPN The Independent Progressive Politics Network.
IGC The mother of the on-line progressive movement.
For Mother Earth A great organization and network of anti-nuclear, anti-war, indigenous rights activists and such, mostly in Europe. Great website of pirate/free radio worldwide (mainly the U.S.).
Common Dreams A wonderful resource for all kinds of information, like links to news wires and all kinds of articles written by progressive luminaries.
SEAC The Student Environmental Action Coalition -- a wonderful, national student organization.
STARC Another great student group.
CCO The Center for Campus Organizing.
Kensington Welfare Rights Union Really great anti-poverty group based in lovely Philadelphia, PA.
ETAN The East Timor Action Network
NFN The Native Forest Network -- a great group not only for environmental issues, but social as well, with particular regard to the Zapatistas
Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment Thanks to Charles Hurwitz for bringing us all together.
CSN The Colombia Support Network.
Katie Knight Activist with CSN and great artist and photographer.
IWW The Industrial Workers of the World -- radical labor's past and future.
Weedstock A fine festival and marijuana advocacy group.
For the latest on Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney's case against the FBI.
Human Rights 95 A powerful expose on America's drug war.
Drug Truth Network Great radio show about drug legalization.
Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu-Jamal Free Mumia!
Leonard Peltier Defense Committee Free Peltier!
Free Lori Berenson
Here's a website for fans of the late, great Phil Ochs
Utah Phillips Here's a website maintained by Chris Dunn, about the great Wobbly songwriter, Utah Phillips. Chris has also included lots of stuff on another great songwriter, my friend Al Grierson, who died in November 2000.
Here's one for Paul Robeson.
Eric Drooker Amazing visual artist from New York City.
Seth Tobocman Another one.
This Modern World Brilliant cartoons by Tom Tomorrow.
Mark Robinowitz runs this tremendously informative website on "election coups, 911, fascism, World War IV and the peak of global petroleum production."
Jay's Radical History Page Great site on radical history from around the world, organized very well by country, era and movement.
Globalize This! Screw the WTO!
A16 Screw the IMF/World Bank!
S11 Shut down the WEF!
The Lucy Parsons Center Great infoshop and radical bookstore, also one of the only places in the world where you can buy my CDs...
Bluestockings Wonderful book store, fair-trade cafe, and activist center in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
Vox Pop Vox Pop is NYC's only union-run, fair-trade coffee house bookstore. They have a good sound systems and a new Instabook print on demand machine.
The Civic Media Center Great infoshop in Gainesville, Florida.
LARC Another one in London, England.
Festival Eye Fabulous resource for festivals all over the world, with an emphasis on alternative types of gatherings in Great Britain.
Folk Roots Magazine Another great magazine from the UK with extensive listings on its website.
Big Green Gathering An amazing annual festival for social change in Britain.
Kerrville Folk Festival A fun, very participatory music festival that happens every year in late May/early June in Kerrville, Texas -- for 18 days.

There's lots of great progressive media on the web, for example:
The Angry Arab News Service Brilliant blog.
Palestine Chronicle Current events and intelligent views.
Z Magazine Amazingly informative, frequently updated site
Indymedia Great indy media stuff on the web; radio, print, etc. Amazing stuff on Seattle and DC and more.
The Asheville Global Report Best weekly paper in existence, in my opinion. In print and on the web in it's entirety, also archived. Check out their links page.
Democracy Now The best daily show on the radio.
Flashpoints Another fabulous daily show on Pacifica, from Berkeley.
Free Speech Radio News Another one.
Free Speech TV 24-hour satellite broadcast of the highest-quality leftist propaganda.
Left Coast Radio Carolyn Crane's radio show from Nevada City, California.
Cursor Links to news sources from the Middle East.
Truthout A great internet news source, which also does an audio broadcast (with "Who Will Tell the People" as their theme song).
Autonomy and Solidarity Excellent source of news and analysis from Canadian anti-capitalists.
The Nation
In These Times
The Progressive
Left Turn
Fifth Estate
Mother Jones
The Ecologist
The Onion
Media Island Institute
The Pacifica Foundation
Save Pacifica

For people trying to network with student organizations or faculty members, this alphabetical listing of American universities might be useful.

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Updated April, 2006

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