Pauline Shernicoff

April 14, 1914 - October 17, 2010


Pauline Shernicoff was my favorite aunt. She was, in fact, a very bright star in the Chayt galaxy. Fortunately when grandson Barry lived not so far away near San Jose, I got to see her several times. Unfortunately as life sometimes goes, I did not get to see her since then.

Surely she was the only family member of her generation who was online. I know she enjoyed the sharing of family this allowed and am told she was very appreciative of my family history website. I appreciate that Seth Berman told me that and will always be warmed by that knowledge.

Iím sure she will be remembered by all of us not only for her grace and intelligence but for her exceptionally warm heart.


With grandson Seth Berman July 3, 2010      


Pauline Shernicoff Art Gallery

Pauline was an artist and painted many exceptional pictures
Here are some of them








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