Annette Monheit
1932 - 1997

Annette with baby Julie - 1974


Annette Monheit, (Born Annette Spaiser) passed away Friday morning (May 2nd, 1997) in Berkeley California. She was critically ill since suffering a heart attack a week ago and was being kept alive on life support since then.

She is survived by her oldest daughter Naomi Older, and granddaughter Lauren Older, by Julie Monheit, her 2nd daughter and by myself, brother Leslie Spaiser.

I also mention her dear friend Robert Ek, who was a devoted and wonderful companion to her throughout her illness and who took care of her after husband David Monheit died, with unflagging compassion, friendship, and attention until he himself was hospitalized recently. This plus the attention of her unusually devoted daughters, Naomi and Julie, made it possible for her to live out her life in her own home until only the last several months.

Finally, the loss will also be felt strongly by the entire Trupin family to whom she was still like a daughter, and sister, and by ex-husband Bob Trupin who remained concerned and in touch over the years.

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