David Rovics is a folk singer of singular quality and talent. David writes and performs some remarkable songs. He is one of the best folk guitarists - I have ever heard. But mostly he sings songs of historical and cultural importance. Significant because (many of) his songs celebrate heroes and people who risked - and gave their lives in the name of freedom, among them:

David usually sings at political resistance rallies. And in this day of hip-hop and cultural blandness, his art is only marginally recognized. I think in the heyday of folk singing ('60s ?) he would have been much more famous.

Still, David performs around the world and his name is well known to those of us who believe in freedom and some of the values we, as Americans, are supposed to stand for.

Listen to David Rovics, and if you like what you hear, visit his homepage where you can buy his many fine recordings (I have them all).

les spaiser


NOTE: A DSL or other broadband connection is necessary (for the music - and absolutely - for the video).