Greetings From W1GMQ/6 ex K2SMG

Current Operations in Concord, CA

(Online ham shack 12/04 - present)



Operating CQphone and Skype from office PC


Operating in my living room on the notebook PC

W1GMQ, Brighton Massachusetts Station, 1990 -1997
The "good old days"


First shack - top of house - room with to door to the deck Big Bertha was on the deck outside the shack



EARLY (downstairs)  SHACK
circa 1992
Conferring with my buddy Willy


Modified (33 feet) CushCraft 17B2 beam -
20 elements @ 144 Mhz - Dubbed "BIG BERTHA"

Modified CushCraft 17B2 beam - 20 elements @ 144 Mhz
(Click here for more details.)


Downstairs shack after antennas were moved to the roof

Operating all bands 160 - 2M from then new QTH.
Rig: TS-820S via Dentron Kw to tri-bander at right ---




Not seen - 2M FM rig with 160 W brick to the 13b2 ---



Rooftop Antenna Farm Circa 1997 in Brighton MA

Antenna Farm Circa 1997
Roof mounted 30 ft. tower with tri-bander and
inverted Vs for 40 and 80 topped by a single 13b2
VHF beam at 60ft AGL with separate rotor for VHF beam.
Adjacent high gain 2M vertical on lower tower.

Personal 2M Dx records: Repeater: 500+ mi Boston-Norfolk VA,
Direct: 300+ mi, Boston-Nova Scotia, CANADA


My Ham Bio

1956 - 1970 * K2SMG

K2SMG/2 summer operation in the Catskills circa 1957.
K2SMG/2 summer operation in the Catskills circa 1957.

I was licensed in 1956 in Brookln NY as K2SMG. I operated mostly 40 first CW and then phone (AM). I built my own transmitters and got a Hallicrafters SX28, receiver, which for its day was quite a receiver. But I lived in a big COOP apartment house and had to string "invisible" wires from my windowsill to various street lamps.

To make the wire almost invisible I used enamel covered #26 magnet wire which was invisible (as long as it didn't snow), but with my dual 6146 final amplifier at about 100W AM, you had to limit your transmissions, or the wire would melt.

Summers were better when we migrated to a cottage in the Catskill Mountains where I had a vertical and a high dipole. When I left my parental home and moved into my own places, ham radio took a second place to other interests, and I only casually operated with an acquired Swan 350 transceiver (good rig)

In 1970 I moved from NYC, to Boston. I still did just about nothing with ham radio except to occasionally try a quick end fed wire with the SWAN. In those days however, the FCC still had time to administer the Amateur Service, and maintained the requirement that if you moved to an area of another call prefix, you had to get new call letter assignment. I was lucky, since they were then re-issuing old calls, so I became W1GMQ.

One afternoon, with a casually strung wire at almost ground level I gave a call on 20m and immediately got a call from a Brazilian station. It turned out his wife was in one of the hospitals nearby and he needed a phone patch. While I had no patch I was able to put him in touch with his wife by the "acoustic coupling" method. After that I never made another contact and sold the Swan while I still could.

But, in 1991 I bought a little HTX-100 while shopping for a switch at Radio Shack. Since 10 was open then, I worked the world from my car (with a cut-down (50") hustler CB antenna. That got the juices flowing and I became more active in the hobby than ever in my life, operating HF, 160 - 10, and 2M FM.

In the following years I developed a particular passion for DXing 2M repeaters. A converted 17B2 widespaced beam was modified for use as a super high gain / high resolution beam for DXing and DFing.

Later on, around, around 1996 I moved the antennas to the roof where I eventually erected a traditional tower mounted HF / VHF DX beam combination.

It was well known among my friends, that my favorite place in the house is not in the house but on the roof, and now, at the top of my new tower,
(seen here in early stages of construction at 20 ft with VHF antenna only) .