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Time in Concord

World time map from Welteiz Website (click here)  

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- for a confirming QSL please click on on the image above -
then print the resulting qsl size image on your color printer
I will email you a confirmation you can tape to the card you printed

If you want a regular QSL ask me and I will print it one here and send it to you.

                                                                         - les



ON THE PC - CQphone / ECHOLINK/ CQ-100

On main PC in my office   On notebook in living room



Beginning of my own ECHOLINK station 4/10/05
- * echolink station under construction -



2 M base station (FT-227 with Mirage brick) on top of Astron PS.


Antenna "farm" -  6 db collinear  in the "garden" - that's my Tabby on the cat balcony



In 1970 I was assigned the callsign W1GMQ after moving to Boston MA, from New York City.

  Antenna farm in


My first call was K2SMG (original issue -1956). At that time the FCC required that your call be re-assigned if you changed call area. Calls were re-issued as they were vacated. Thus I became 20  years older (by getting an early W1 call) just by moving to Boston.

In 1998 I moved to Concord California, and thus am W1GMQ/6 but the FCC doesn't seem to care where you come from these days. When I sent in the 610 form as I have always done in the past they sent me back a 20 page book that supposedly was going to help me change my address. (I think it said something about the paperwork reduction act.) So I filed it (guess where).

If you want a quick QSL from me, print the card above, and attach it to the email confirmation I will send you. This will confirm a contact with me. You may fill in the contact info for display purposes on the front of the card.

But if you need a copy of my real card send an SASE (US) or, just a Self-Addressed envelope (outside USA) to the address below.

To send me a card, QSL direct only to: W1GMQ, Les Spaiser, Apt #107, 4664 Melody Drive, Concord CA 94521.


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